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The Culture at Work is Toxic……I need to get out!

I am Martin Buckland and I’m an executive career management practitioner, and I manage and advance the careers of senior executives and those who are part of e business leaders across the world.

So today’s topic is, the culture at work is toxic. I need to get out. So let’s start off with a very, very blunt, forthright question for you. What is more important? Your health, your happiness, your wellbeing, or your career? Think about that. What is more important, your health, your wellbeing, or your career?

I suspect it’s your health and your wellbeing. You need to look after yourself. When I was a police officer, I remember my sergeant telling me when I first came outta police academy, look after number one, Buckland. That means you need to look after yourself. Yes, you need to manage your career. I talk about that each week, but you need to look after yourself.

So if you are in a toxic culture, that means you are probably unhappy and that is going to have an effect on your overall health, your morale, your productivity. You are going to take that unhappiness that. Frustration home with you to your family unit, and then spread it around. So if you are in a toxic environment, two words, get out.

Get out now. Three words. So you need to get out because hiring is so robust. So strong across the world. I’ve never seen it as strong as it is right now. If anybody’s got any questions, please put them in the, in the comments below and I will answer them as we go through this. Uh, Tuesdays at two, and it doesn’t have to be related to, uh, Tuesdays at two, this topic today.

Any question that’s on your mind boggling you that you want to ask an expert like myself. So you need to get out now. Three words, get out now. There is a great global economy. Hiring is so strong. Doesn’t matter what geography, what uh, function, what industry, what level you are in. There are jobs waiting for you to apply, waiting for you to capture.

Many are hidden of course, but they are waiting for you right now. There is no need for you to be in a toxic environment. You cannot do, or you can do very little in helping to stabilize a toxic environment. It’s down to a lot of other people, particularly your management. So get help now. There is no absolutely no need to be unhappy in today’s, uh, robust, uh, hiring economy.

Get out now. Hopefully you’re gonna get this message by the end of this. Uh, Tuesdays at two toxicity. Think of it. Another word version. Another synonym for it is poison. Do you want to be poisoned? No, you don’t want to be poisoned, so you need to get, you don’t want to get you want, you want to get out right now and look for a new opportunity.

You can transmit that poison to others. And toxicity breathes itself. It develops and goes, goes further and further. And your spouses, your kids, your other family units, your friends and other family, and only anybody else around you will get that toxicity. So do yourself a favor, look after yourself and get.

Out now of a toxic environment. Unhappiness plays on your health, and your health is mega important. Health and wellbeing is very, very important. So plan and execute a job search. Now get out. So if you want to, uh, have more details on how to plan and execute a job search, please go to my YouTube channel where there are lots and lots of different, um, videos talking about job search, how to untangle this, how to navigate through this, because it’s like a jigsaw and one piece.

Of that jigsaw missing, and it couldn’t mean you are in career transition a lot longer than you really should be. So go to my YouTube channel and please press the subscribe button and where you will find out lots of information on how to plan and execute a job search. Personal branding, how executive recruiters can work for you.

The, uh, resume writing, cv writing, the list goes on and on and on. LinkedIn tips. So that sort of wraps it up. It’s a very quick Tuesdays at two this week. But just if you are unhappy and you, it’s a toxic environment, you can do little to alter that environment. Get out now. So if anybody wants a free, no obligation resume or CV critique, I’m more than happy to give you a free, no obligation resume critique.

And I’m also happy to give you a free. No obligation LinkedIn audit. I will go through your LinkedIn because one mistake on LinkedIn can count you out of a job. And there are people who are looking for your talent right now on LinkedIn. And if you don’t have your LinkedIn profile fully complete, then you are limiting your chances of being found.

So three things. Resume critique for free LinkedIn audit for free. And please go to my YouTube channel where you will find dozens of. Very useful, informative videos on executive career management. So I will be back next week. Let me see what I’m talking about Next week, next Tuesday at two. Um, so the topic is I have missed out on a promotion several times.

And am frustrated. So we’re talking about another frustration in your career management, not just toxicity today, but you have missed out on various promotions. So I will talk about that, how to conquer, and how to combat that next week. In the meantime, manage your career and eliminate that toxicity. Get out now.

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