Communication skills are improving but is our work force ready for today’s increasingly competitive global economy?

According to a recent article reporting on a study by the Society of Human Resource Management, written and oral communications are getting better!  The survey on work force readiness shows such skills have improved nearly 20% during the past 3 years.

How long ago did you use your cell phone or Onstar to call someone?  When was the last time you sent a text message?  And an email?  The communication tools available today could very well be a contributing factor in our improving oral and written communication skills.  Despite our concerns with all the text abbreviations!  LOL!

According to the study, 59% of job candidates have good written communication skills, compared with 42% in 2005.  When it comes to oral communication, 75% are doing well, compared with 56% three years ago.

Although this is a significant improvement, there are still 41% lacking in written skills and 25% not meeting standards orally.  This could result in a huge number of resumes landing in the trash bin!  A resume filled with improper grammar and spelling mistakes will eliminate any chance for a job interview, regardless of your experience.  A professionally written resume will likely get you in the door, but if you are lacking in oral communication skills, you’ve just blown the interview.

These statistics, along with the concerns of HR leaders nationwide over the lack of many critical employment skills, have some believing that our work force is not ready for today’s increasingly competitive global economy.

William Butch Fennema, an Associate Professor of Business at the University of Indianapolis, says the problem starts early in college when students seem to take the easy road.  “Unless they are forced to do so, writing skills are not important to them” he says.

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