Employment Forecasts and the Countdown to 2009

The countdown to 2009 was fraught with a barrage of forecasts, especially those related to future employment.  Unfortunately, much of what we are hearing is bleak.  Whether you work in Canada, the United States, Dubai or China, layoffs are the top news stories. Challenger, Gray & Christmas published their Work Place Trends Outlook for 2009 and predict an increase in unemployment throughout 2009 and believe we will not see employment growth associated with a healthy and expanding economy before 2013.

Although unsettling, to say the least, we are fortunate to have been part of a stable or booming economy for many years.  It is now time to initiate the changes that are necessary in an extremely competitive global marketplace and get through the expected lengthy economic recovery.  The best resources available today are online.  Online resources not only allow you to keep abreast of current affairs, personal and professional networking websites are soon to be the number one tool used by both employees and employers.  You need to stand out, ONLINE!  Research and find information on those industries that are not affected by this global economic downturn.  Search employment sites around the world and consider relocating. Review opportunities available to further your education, improve skills, increase your marketability or begin a second career. Keep on top of new government initiatives that provide funding for further education or job creation projects.  Web sites offer world wide information and it’s free.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, ask us ONLINE!

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