“Machiavellian” Recruiter, David Perry

Yes, “machiavellian”; elaborately cunning, scheming and unscrupulous in his recruiting methods. A more deserved title than that of “rogue recruiter” as David Perry is referred to in The Wall Street Journal article, Snack Vendor — or Undercover Job Recruiter? by Sarah E. Needleman. David shares some interesting, certainly entertaining, and sometimes shocking details of many of his recruiting adventures.

David Perry’s search firm, Perry-Martel International Inc. recognizes that the top talent individuals they are seeking are already employed and in order to get to them it may require a slight deviation from following normal channels. Whether it is going undercover, bribing a janitor or tackling a remote mountain bike trail, David Perry will do what it takes and says his recruiting style works. In 22 years, he has completed 991 searches for jobs paying roughly $170 million in salaries.

As a client of Perry-Martel International Inc. you can be assured that David Perry will persist and persuade until a potential candidate is found, even if it requires unconventional methods. As a candidate, you can acquire 400 unconventional tips, tricks and tactics for landing your dream job in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, written by David Perry and Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Resumes for Job Hunters.

Morally questionable methods? Or simply, proven and successful, unconventional strategies?


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