Over 50 in Career Transition

Are you over 50? And in career transition? If so, you certainly are not alone which may be one of the reasons why “over 50” produces more search results when googled than “career transition”, “job search” or even “social media! The fact that opinions vary widely may also be a contributing factor. There are many who think those over 50 should be seeking retirement and not a job. Most people believe only kids are using Facebook and Twitter even though the majority of users are more apt to be over 50 than under 20. Many over 50 in career transition are facing age discrimination despite a serious labour shortage that is positioning those over 50 as key resources in a diminishing labour pool. Many reports suggest “over 50” is no longer a discriminatory factor in a job search but a recent survey showed over 90% of headhunters believed that age becomes a significant factor in a hiring decision when a candidate is over 50.

The following articles won’t solve the obvious discrepancies relating to the topic of “over 50”, however they do offer some valuable career tips, resources, statistics and some interesting information.

Latest release from the Labour Force Survey, “Men aged 55 and over accounted for all of February’s employment gain.”

Looking for a job when you’re over 50 years old? “If you are 50 and are in the market for a job, you are part of an elite and fast expanding market for senior positions. ‘Elite’ because most senior people are highly experienced and valued workers and ‘expanding’ because the market is waking up to recognize the wealth and wisdom of employing seniors.” Lots of tips provided to help along the way.

Top Employers for Canadians over 50BD Canada Inc. EPCOR Utilities Inc. Farm Credit Canada / FCC HSBC Bank Canada
McGill University Ontario Public Service Royal Bank of Canada SaskTel Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.
Wardrop Engineering Inc.

A CNNmoney.com article, Over 50, and zero job offers, “…while age bias certainly exists, “there is far less of it than many people fear,” says Rob Saam, a senior vice president who is head of the career transition practice at outplacement giant Lee Hecht Harrison. “Human resources professionals and hiring managers are well aware of all the research showing that someone 50 or older is likely to stay longer, be more dedicated, and be absent less than the average 30-year-old.”

Jobs for boomers and seniors and the over 50 workforce

Finding a Great Job if You’re Over 50


Canada Feeling Labour Shortage Pains

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