Resume vs. Online Info

Despite our world of online networking and the information found in electronic mediums, Human Resource Directors say the resume is alive and well, although no longer the only source of candidate information.  This, according to a recent article, Resume the Resume, “Reports of the death of the plain paper document have been greatly exaggerated”.

In our increasingly time-crunched world, a tightly written resume that hiring officials can review at a glance is more important than ever.  Recruiters at a recent SHRM conference were encouraged to also recognize the less traditional online resources as a means of identifying the right person for the job.  Carolyn Cuppernull, a principal of Jefferson Government Relations LLC, said, “At their best, resumes are a form of shorthand than enables a potential boss to quickly size up a peson’s skills and interests.  Although social networking tools provide truckloads of information (sometimes a bit too much) they offer little savings on a critical resource: time.”

Tiffany Bridge, a Web specialist and former IT recruiter says time may be spent to check out a candidate’s online profile but only after they have decided that the resume is interesting.  “The important distinction is that the resume is Step One of the process, and the various Web presences are Step Two.”

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