Employee Productivity

In a survey found in Trans-Logic Executive Search Group’s May Issue, 100 senior executives were asked, “In your opinion, on which day of the week are employees generally most productive?”  If their opinions are correct, everyone might as well take Friday off as it was listed as the least productive at 2%!  Thursday was close at 3% and Monday and Wednesday were at 18% and 19% respectively.  Be sure you show up for work on Tuesday’s or the company you work for could be in dire straights as Tuesday was voted the  most productive day at 53%!

In a study on employee health and productivity produced by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of FGIworld, CEO’s and working Canadians were asked to identify from a list of workplace factors which ones they believe are positively impacting productivity in their organization.  Results listing CEO’s and working Canadians respectively are as follows:

Effective training programs – 79% and 73%
Management practices – 69% and 64%
Appropriate employee assistance programs to help manage worker stress, burn out, or other physical and mental issues – 60% and 60%
The design of worker pay structures and incentives – 57% and 58%

The top issue negatively affecting productivity was stress, burn out or other physical and mental health issues, according to 66% of CEO’s and 71% of working Canadians.

Study after study has provided consistent results showing employees general well being/mental health is the real key to productivity and motivation.  Employees continue to rate general well being and mental health as a more important issue than money.

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