Be a Follower, Not a Leader

Rarely is it in your best interest when seeking a job to be a follower rather than a leader unless, you are in a job interview. In this case, be a follower, not a leader! Allowing the interviewer to lead the interview will provide you with the opportunity to follow their lead to provide the information they require and to discover the person they want to see in you.

This is just one piece of advice from Challenger, Gray & Christmas in their recent report, “How to find a job in a Jobless Recovery”. Although qualifications are important, the report states you won’t be hired because you are the most qualified, you will be hired because the interviewer likes you the best. 

Most people, whether the job interviewer or a new acquaintance will decide within the first few minutes whether or not they like you. So remember, first impressions count! Dress appropriately, listen and learn and follow the lead.  


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