Follow The Rules

If you have received specific instructions and rules related to a company’s hiring process, do not deviate from them.  Choosing to make up your own rules will most likely result in a lost job opportunity and a tarnished reputation.  You may even put the reputation of others at risk so follow the rules.

Recently, I learned of an individual who had an inside track on a great job opportunity within his company and chose to share it with an organization giving them very specific instructions how to apply for the position.  Three of four candidates applying followed the instructions as given, however, the fourth candidate chose to ignore the instructions and contacted the principal of the company directly.  Not only did that person violate the trust that had been extended to him, the individual’s reputation was put on the line and the professionalism of the organization was called into question.  Needless to say, only those candidates who chose to follow the rules were contacted for an interview.

Following the rules or specific instructions established by a company regarding their employment processes is not something to be questioned if you are interested in obtaining a job with them.  Do you recall your grade school days when tests were given with clear, “read first” instructions?  If you didn’t follow them, you failed!

Innovation, persistence, determination and creativity are all wonderful personality traits and may lead you away from a common path in your job search but if you are provided with specific instructions from a potential employer, I recommend you follow their rules if you want to succeed in obtaining a job interview.

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