Questions and Concerns from the Company’s Perspective

Are you prepared to address the questions and concerns of a decision maker during a job interview?  Are you aware of the questions and concerns prevalent throughout the various levels within a company?  The following questions, even if they are not asked, will be ones that you should be prepared to answer or at least take into consideration:

Hiring Manager; Will you make me look good without being a threat to my job security?  Can you do the job?  Can you get up to speed quickly?  Will you work well with the team?  Will you fit in with my management philosphy?

Boss’s Boss; Do you understand the strategic company-wide impacts of the position?  Do you fit into the “big picture”?  Are you promotable?

Human Resources; Do you have the competencies for the job?  Will you be a good cultural fit?  Will there be any compliance issues?

Technical people; Do you have the certificates, degrees and experience to do the job?

Sales and Marketing; Can you help make this organization more competitive?

Managing/Finance Directors; Can you help make this company more profitable?

Peers; Will you be easy to work with?  Will you be a grand-stander, seeking all the glory, or will you contribute collaboratively and uphold the acronym for TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

Subordinates; Will you be easy to work for?  Can you give us what we want, rewards, recognition, responsibility?

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, many of these concerns will be covered in your resume but you will still need to be prepared to address any questions or concerns from the various company contacts that could be the key decision makers during your job interview.   Be prepared to assure them that you are the right candidate for the job!

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