How Your Resume Looks

New Picture 16It is possible that you will have an opportunity to create a first impression prior to being asked to submit your resume, but more likely than not your resume will be your only chance at a first impression. How are you going to establish the most awesome, professional and impressive document possible to make yourself stand out from the competition and instil a lasting impression that will get you the job interview? How your resume looks is critical because without the job interview there is no job!

Your resume; this one, two or three page document, is your key to unlocking doors to a successful career. Of course you will need to be prepared to exude confidence and relay your expertise in a job interview but without an exceptional resume with a look that entices the reader, your chances of unlocking doors to a job interview are limited. Is your resume generating job interviews? If so, depending on your success rate in the interview it is safe to say that multiple job offers will result in the ability to negotiate, make choices and ensure the advancement of your career.  

What we see is highly influential in every assessment or decision we make. So too is the appearance of your resume, your online profile and your physical appearance to the decisions that will be made by HR professionals and recruiters. Credentials, expertise and ability are important but if you don’t look good on paper or online, you won’t get the opportunity to brag in person at a job interview.New Picture 17

Does your professional resume clearly portray you as an accomplished individual? Does it highlight quantifiable accomplishments? Are your past positions and accreditations highlighted? Have you included a variety of contact details? Do not include personal information on your resume. You may be proud of it and think others should be too but you have only opened the door to discrimination. There is a reason that it is illegal to ask certain questions on an application or in a job interview.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be interviewed for a job. Contact Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer for a free resume critique and and find out how your resume looks to a professional before you send it out. 

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