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A Certified Professional Resume Writer will ask for your Linkedin Public Profile URL to include with your contact information at the top of your professional resume. Establishing a professional Linkedin profile is a must for any senior executive interested in advancing in their career and so too is this becoming a standard component for all levels of employment or entrepreneurship in all industries.

It was not so long ago that the contact information on your resume consisted solely of your your name, address and home phone number. Over the years, it became necessary to add a cell phone number and then an email address and today, recruiters and HR professionals are looking for your Linkedin URL. Exuding professionalism is key to influencing decision makers so be sure to customize your url.  

When you create your Linkedin profile the name you use will be included in a part of your URL, which is automatically generated. Also included will be a variety of numbers, letters, slashes and dashes. This new address, needs to be customized to It’s easily done in a matter of seconds.  Here’s how:

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  • 1. Select Profile and click on edit next to Public Profile at the bottom of the profile box.
  • 2. Your Public Profile URL will be displayed at the top, select edit.
  • 3. Enter the name you wish to use in the available open box
     and select Set Address.
  • 4. If your name is not available, you will receive a message immediately, This URL is not currently available. Please choose another custom URL.
  • 5. It may be necessary to use a first or second initial rather than your full first and last name. Consider your other online profiles and be consistent.

You have now customized your Linkedin URL! Be sure to update your professional resume with a professional Linkedin URL. 

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