Professional Resume Writing 101-14

Professional Resume Writing – An Advertisement for a Job Interview!

The basic principles of good advertising are:

Grab attention
Heighten interest
Sell the product
Promote action

Your resume is an advertisement for a job interview. Have you followed these principals? At first glance, is your document professional in appearance, free of blank white space and errors? Will it grab attention? Your resume is a job search document for you and a screening/hiring document for an employer. By including the keywords an employer will be looking for it will heighten interest. In order to produce a good advertisement that sells yourself to the employer, your resume needs to be employer-centred rather than self-centred to inspire the employer to take action.

Does your resume include sound indicators of your probable future performance? Will it assure the employer of your potential to add value to their operations; improve profitability, solve problems, be more competitive or improve efficiency? Provide the proof with notable, quantifiable accomplishments!

If your resume presents your past in such a manner that it clearly indicates patterns of performance that are good predictors of your future value and performance you will have attracted the interest of the employer! Your advertisement/resume will be successful in promoting action and you will receive a call for the job interview!

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