Professional Resume Writing 101-16

Professional Resume Writing – Information NOT to include in your resume

As important as the information is that you include in your resume, so too, is recognizing the information that you should NOT include in your resume.

It must be completely obvious from the look of your resume that it is just that, a resume. In other words, there should be no need to add a description. Do not include a title such as; Resume, Fact Sheet, Curriculum Vitae, etc. Use the heading of your resume to introduce your name and provide your contact details.

To ensure your resume is received as a professional document, do not include the following information:

Availability: If you are not available why are you submitting a resume?
Reason for leaving: Leave it for the interview.
References: Most employers will assume you have references and if interested, will ask for them.
Salary: You risk taking yourself out of the running if you list a salary that is too high or too low.
Age, race, religion, sex, national origin: No reason to list it, discrimination is illegal.
Photographs: Unless you are a model or an actor your photo says nothing about your ability.
Physical Description: You are applying for a job not a date.
Early Background: Your childhood may be of interest to a relative but not a potential employer.

And finally, do not include any weaknesses in your resume. Your resume is your advertisement! In order to sell yourself it must be accomplishment-based to highlight your strengths.

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