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Professional Resume Writing – Resume Pet Peeves

The importance of a professional resume is easily realized by the number of books that have been written on the subject. Top Notch Executive Resumes, Creating Flawless Resumes for Managers, Executives, and CEOs, written by Katherine Hansen, Creative Director of Quintessential Careers is one of many available providing valuable advice. Katherine Hansen has also written an interesting article, Top 30 Executive Resume Pet Peeves of Hiring Decision-Makers found at Quintessential Careers, which is based on the results of the research she did for her book on executive resumes.

The following list is the top 10 from the Top 30 Executive Resume Pet Peeves of Hiring Decision-Makers:

1. Resume has spelling errors, typos and grammatical flaws.
2. Resume is too long.
3. Resume is too wordy, contains too much information.
4. Resume is written in third-person.
5. Resume does not list phone number, only an e-mail address, or has inappropriate e-mail address.
6. Resume contains the personal pronoun “I.”
7. Resume contains a weak objective statement.
8. Resume content lacks results.
9. On the other hand, resume is so full of quantitative data that it’s hard to read.
10. Resume is too general.

In order to impress Hiring Professionals and Recruiters with your resume, be sure to avoid their pet peeves!

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