Professional Resume Writing 101-3

Professional Resume Writing  – Do’s and Don’ts

How does your resume look?  Does it resonate with clarity and confidence?  Do the words speak louder than the design?  Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of preparing a professional looking and electronically friendly resume:

Do, use a good quality white paper.  Don’t use dark, colourful or patterned paper.

Do, use a common font style that is easy to read, such as Arial or my personal favourite, MS Trebuchet.  Don’t use exotic fonts, symbols or underlining as some software may misinterpret it or not recognize it.

Do, use one font size between 10 and 14.  Don’t use fonts or bullets that are too big or too small.

Do, use a border and keep it simple maintaining an equal space from all sides.  Don’t forget the page number and name at the top of all pages and maintain a consistent border on all  pages.

Do, consider a maximum of two pages for most resumes.  Don’t cram too much information onto one page or spread it out over too many pages.

Consistency and accuracy will contribute to a professional looking resume!

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