Professional Resume Writing Tips

You will find professional resume writing tips on many sites and most provide very valuable information for writing your resume. Basic tips like formatting issues, typos, soft skills, hard skills, recommended number of pages and so much more.

The majority of these tips receive a general consensus but there is one piece of advice that still seems to generate some controversy, not by certified professional resume writers and not by HR professionals and recruiters, but  by job seekers alone. Since the professionals and decision makers are in agreement, this is advice that should be taken seriously. If you want to present a PROFESSIONAL resume, do not include any of the following information:

“I like jigsaw puzzles.” “I am married with four children.” “I am a member of the …. church.” “I have given 30 pints of blood.” “I am a buxom blond bombshell.” I’m a constituent of the Liberal Party.” “I bowl on Tuesdays and play darts on Wednesdays.” “I participate in a protest group against …..”!!!!  

You will damage your credibility as a professional if you choose to include personal information in your resume. There is a valid reason that we have laws prohibiting organizations from asking certain questions about your personal life in a job interview. Unless the information you are providing pertains your career and the job you are seeking, do not include it in your resume. Personal information is just that, personal.

It is very likely a computer is scanning your resume and not a person at all so discard any idea that your resume may be selected by someone who attends the same church that you do. If including your personal information on your resume generates any response, it will most likely be to eliminate you as a potential candidate. Your political or religious views do not qualify you to manage a service department. Being a hockey fan does not make you a sales professional. The colour of your eyes or hair is not relevant to the skills or talents required to fill a responsible position.

Stick to the facts, sell your accomplishments, keep personal information private and submit a resume that will represent you as a qualified professional. 

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