Resume Writing Errors

There is no room for complacency in a resume. Thinking that you can get by with an inferior document, doesn’t work.

First impressions count. First impressions last……….!

If you have an outstanding resume formatted correctly with the ‘WOW’ factor minus any errors you will be going a long way to securing the reader’s attention.

As a multi-credentialed resume writer, I see too many mistakes that hinder the person’s ability to entice the Recruiter or Human Resources professional into reading further. Too bad because they could have been the perfect candidate otherwise.

The most common errors are:

Too long – Generally speaking a resume should be a maximum of 2 pages. There are some exceptions to the rule and certain specialties i.e. Academia, Physicians and Surgeons, Scientists and Researchers, Attorneys/Lawyers need a Curriculum Vitae which can go to many pages. My research as a Resume Writer, who wants to attract maximum appeal for my clients, is that 3 pages or more will reduce the chances of having your resume read by 90%.

Too many typefaces – Select the font you like and consider appropriate for your specialty and use only this one. A resume with two or more fonts looks weird and the branding message is lost. Never use the hard to read script fonts.

A Poor layout and format – Image building and branding are a major part of enticing the reader. With the advent of the word processor, you can dramatically increase the visual impact of a resume with the prudent use of lines to lure the reader to a particular section you want to emphasize.

Poor Quality – Goes without saying, a poor competitor doesn’t win. You are entering a highly competitive race. There is only one trophy in the job search, and poor quality has no part to play!

Boring – A resume should be an inspirational and thought provoking 2 page document, not a diatribe about your job description. Utilize action verbs and base each bullet accomplishment on STAR: Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Doesn’t promote the key qualities, hard and soft skills – Everyone can bring different expertise to the table. We are all unique and through our education and work experience have amassed certain skill sets and attributes. Be proud of yourself and show all of your expertise clearly and succinctly!

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