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How much feedback did you acquire before sending out your resume? Never send out a resume that has not been reviewed by at least a dozen people! Your resume is your key marketing tool. It will either get you in the door or it won’t. Don’t miss out on an opportunity!

Every HR Professional and Recruiter will see your resume differently so it is impossible to have a perfect resume however, a resume that will positively influence the majority of decision makers is possible. Will your resume impress upon a decision maker to call you in for a job interview? It is often difficult to have an objective opinion about a document that is all about you. The accomplishment that meant the most to you may not be the one that will have the most influence on the reader. The appearance of your resume may be pleasing to you with bold fonts and graphics but could be seen as aesthetically offensive and lacking professionalism to someone else.

Your due diligence in obtaining as much feedback on your resume as possible from a variety of sources will help you to prepare a resume that will open doors. You do not want to be passed over as a potential candidate due to typos, formatting issues, grammatical errors or missing information.

Most people will be happy to take the time to review your resume. Of course your mother’s opinion may not be quite as objective as that of a colleague but don’t dismiss feedback from family and friends. After all, who cares more about what is in your best interest? Exchange your resume with other professionals at networking events and share your impressions and advice. Have you maintained good relations with those from your previous position? Do you know what your boss and the company admired most about you and is it clearly noted in your resume? Have you provided them with your resume and asked for feedback?

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