Resume Writing – What NOT to Do

The following resume writing tips are well known in the industry but for those who find themselves returning to the job market after a lengthy tenure, it may be worth reviewing to ensure you are aware of some of these do’s and don’ts of resume writing.

These 10 tips represent what NOT to do:

  • Do Not use colourful or glossy paper, fancy fonts, symbols or underlining.
  • Do Not leave blank white spaces or go beyond a 3 page document.
  • Do Not add your photo to your resume.  There are only a few positions that would require a photo such as a model or an actor.
  • Do Not use an  outdated or silly Hotmail or AOL email address. It only takes a matter of seconds to establish a professional email address.
  • Do Not complete contact details without including your customized LinkedIn address and a phone number that you can be reached at.
  • Do Not use, “I”, “My”, “He”, “She”.  This is your resume, not a cover letter.  Use bullet points and begin each accomplishment with an action verb.
  • Do Not lie about your past jobs or qualifications.  It’s not worth getting the job today just to lose it tomorrow.
  • Do Not leave out graduation dates or leave gaps in your work history. Leaving it out will only send a red flag. If you’re not willing to tell the whole story on your resume, should you be trusted to reveal it in an interview?
  • Do Not include religious or political affiliations or personal interests and hobbies on your resume.
  • Do Not list references on your resume and there is no need to note that they are “available upon request” as any recruiter or human resource professional expects that they will be available.

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