Tips for submitting your online resume

Searching for jobs online is a common occurrence and just as common are the number of organizations that require you to submit your resume online. Mailing a paper resume or hand delivering it are two options that may never be an option again. Although online job boards represent a very small percentage of available jobs since many are posted solely to boost traffic to a website or contain outdated information, it will still be necessary to send your resume online even if it is in an email. For that reason, you must have a properly named and formatted, professional resume that is ready to upload on any site at any time with the press of a button.

Here are a few tips to consider before sending your resume into cyberspace:

  • Review the formatting of your resume to ensure it will look the same to the recipient as it does to you. Avoid symbols, unique fonts and underlining.
  • Check the validity of the site advertising the job. There are many but most should be familiar or provide contact information.
  • Ensure your resume is up to date. Keep a list of the sites you have your resume posted on and take the time to update at the same time to maintain consistent information.
  • If you have a professional resume that has provided positive results, use it to post content when creating online profiles on social media sites such as Linkedin and Visual CV.
  • Remember most resumes are scanned for keywords as a process for elimination so don’t miss any. Google the most current and popular keywords in your industry.
  • Job boards such as Monster should be visited daily if only to make a minor change to your resume to ensure it stays near the top of the list for visibility.

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