Your resume and keywords

If there is one critical element to getting your resume noticed, it’s keywords! Most resumes are scanned, not by people but by computers, which locate specific keywords that are pertinent to their search. If those keywords are not found in your resume, you will not be found. Similarly, keywords have a huge impact on the visibility of a website. If you’re “surfing the web” to find a supplier of candy, and the largest supplier has a site containing words such as, chocolates, gumdrops, taffy, cinnamon hearts, fudge squares, jelly beans and sweet tarts, but nowhere does it include the word candy and that is the keyword you are using for your search, they will not be found. If you narrowed your search for a specific candy and it was not included in their content, they won’t be found. In regards to your overall resume content, less is more but when is comes to significant keywords, more is better.

The keywords you use in your resume must specifically reflect what you are looking for as well as what a potential employer and scanning equipment will be looking for. If you are applying for senior position in finance, there are a number of keywords that will help to get you noticed:

Senior Finance Executive, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance, Chartered Accountant, GAAP, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, accounting standards, Hedge accounting, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, SAP, SOX

Have you included all of the critical and relevant keywords in your resume?


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