Career Coaching – A Positive Move

The decision to retain the services of a Career Coach is a positive move towards a successful and fulfiling career. The following questions will help you to decide if it’s the right move for you:

Are you confident in the direction your career is going?
Are you involved in an industry that has future growth protential?
Are you considering changing jobs or switching careers?
Are you facing a layoff or downsizing?
Are you unable to get a job interview?
Are you getting the interview but not the job?
Are you frustrated in your current position?
Are you finding it difficult to develop a clear vision and objectives?
Are you feeling lonely at the top?
Are you having difficulty inspiring your team?
Are you in need of professional support and guidance?
Are you interested in discovering a career you are passionate about?

Are you ready to make a positive move? Contact Martin Buckland to inquire

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