Be sure you have the right company!

Searching the web for information is as common an activity today as it is for Canadians to drive through a Tim Hortons!  The difference is, the sign on the business has to be their legal name so you are sure to know you are visitng a Tim’s and not a Country Style.

Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations online are using a name on their website that is not their legal name in an effort to boost their presence.  Recently I came across a Canadian company’s web site by accident because they have used a variation of their company name at the top and bottom with their address on each of their web pages.  This company, unlike the company I was searching for, does not list one accreditation related to any of the services they are selling.  There is not one page without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and the example they have of the “professional document” also contains incorrect spelling, grammatical errors and inconsistent punctuation, margins, borders and white space.  It is surprising that the one person acknowledged on the site agreed to disclose their name, unless she is the person behind the existence of this company/website and the decision to modify their company name to one that is legally registered to a reputable company.

Check out my blog, “You don’t always get what you pay for” for questions to review before you invest in a company’s services.  If you are looking for a qualified professional, seek out references and don’t be duped by a cheap price or a company using another company’s name!

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