Current and Emerging Trends

Maintaining a successful career requires staying abreast of current and emerging trends. Although active networking, continued education and a professional online presence are all key elements critical to ensuring your career advancement, there is one task that will have the greatest influence and provide the most important basis for making key decisions in the direction of your career; current and emerging trends. The demise of many businesses, those “left in the dust”, is attributable to their failure to embrace new and innovative ideas and technological advances. New and emerging market trends and economic conditions have easily influenced the success as well as the failure of many businesses and career initiatives. Competition is fierce and any inclination to hold onto old school ideas or resist technological advances will take you out of the running. An outdated mindset will have as negative an influence as an outdated appearance or an outdated resume.

What direction are you taking your career? Are you following a path based on past history or creating a new path for the future based on current and emerging trends? Analyzing emerging trends could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime to become involved in the products or services needed to satisfy the demand that trends create. Many skills are transferable and a career transition may not be as difficult as you think. The initiative, determination and confidence to transition into a new field or industry and the ability to sell your transferable skills to a potential employer could result in a competitive edge over those lacking the fortitude to make a career change.

“The mobile device will be the world’s primary connection tool to the Internet in 2020”, is an excellent video on current and emerging trends. Are you prepared? Will this have an influence on your current career path?

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