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My boss is too overbearing & demanding. What do I do?

today’s topic is, sadly, I hear it a lot, it’s my boss is too overbearing and demanding. What do I. How shocking is that, that here I hear that far too often and it’s too much. People shouldn’t have to put up with a boss. Overbearing and demanding. Well, that says a lot about our leadership today.

So what do you do? So stay with me for this Tuesday’s at two and I will help you unravel all the complications of that situation you may be having at work or have gone through that work a a, and you want to make a comment on it, how you untangled and how you got free, and now how you are happy on a different appointment, et cetera.

So yes, I hear this a lot too much. So listen today. So take her to the few notes on how to go through this complicated tactful scenario. So you need to tackle it head on. You can’t let it go on and on and on. Get it going on and on and on. Will decrease your, or increase your unhappiness and also maybe affect your health.

There is no need to be unhappy in your job today. There is no need to be unhappy in your life. Period, but you no need to be unhappy in your job today, especially with the very, very robust hiring. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what geography, what function, what level, what profession you’re in.

Hiring is very, very robust, even in the tech sector, which has taken a huge hit. What we call a huge hit in the last few weeks. There are still many jobs available in other unknown, perhaps not as known as as the big companies that have laid off in bulk in the last few months. So get to the root of the issue.

Bite your tongue. And prepare a strategy on how to tackle this issue. It can be very hurtful. It can be very stressful to go through this process, but once you’ve conquered it, you will feel a lot less stress and you will feel happier and maybe your health improved if it’s if really is affecting your health.

So be tact. Prepared to be tactful, prepared to be diplomatic and open up, constructive, viable dialogue with those who are the influencers in you being unhappy and overbearing, et cetera. So don’t be frightened to jump in the ring of fire and tackle it head. This is can be the key to your resolution.

If you let it go on for months and months and months, your boss and your boss’s boss will take advantage of you. Don’t never let a boss take advantage of you. You are a good resource and they need to treat resources with respect. You need to build trust, open dialogue, and rapport. So how to tackle it.

Arrange a meeting. Yeah, arrange a meeting with your boss and see if you can do it at work. If not, try and do it outta work. That might be a less stressful environment, so take them for supper, take them for lunch, take them for a drink after work or whatever, but get to the point. So you need to arrange a meeting with your.

To clear the air and to understand where you are coming from to give him or her some some knowledge of what, what you are feeling internally and externally. So arrange a meeting. Maybe at work, maybe outta work. If that doesn’t work, then go to your boss or your boss’s boss, your boss’s boss. They won’t know.

They might not even know the, the fact that your boss is being very demanding and overbearing. Famous. Just know him as a, as a, an employee underneath them. So go to your boss’s boss and tackle it that way. So there’s another avenue for you to see if you can untangle this. Problem that often is spiraling and spiraling and spiraling unnecessarily, and you can clear it out, clear the air pretty quick.

So go to your boss’s boss and then see if you can have a dialogue, a conversation. Again, be tactful and diplomatic. And then see if you can resolve it, because make them aware of what you feel and you might not, if you’re a part of a team, you might not be the only one who is feeling this, so you might be the leader.

And then that boss’s boss might go to other team members and ask their opinion, what’s happening to them. And it might be quite a situation, an explosive situation that he or she needs to deal with because you are a. Important cog, everybody is an important cog in the, in the in the company and the success of the company.

Human resources people, every employee are a, a, a great asset to have. And if you are very productive, very knowledgeable, very ambitious, show that in your, in your rapport with the, either your boss or your boss’s. Now if those two avenues don’t work, there’s another one to go to. Go to human resources. Make them aware of how your, your feelings and what how, and give them some really solid, some great examples of the situations you have been put in.

Most recently. And ask them and make sure it’s in a confidential environment. Make sure they don’t go to other people in the business and they shouldn’t anyway. But just make sure at the, the forefront that you’ve, you are having a confidential meeting with with somebody from the human resources.

Try and go a little bit higher, somebody at your level in human resources and there again, attacked in diplomacy. Tackle it. Tackle it. You’ve got to get to the source. There is no reason why you should be unhappy.


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