Teamwork really is a critical key to success whether in the workplace, at home or on the football field.  Last night,  at the first ever regular-season NFL contest played on Canadian soil, the Buffalo Bills showed everyone at Rogers Centre how it’s done.  Their confidence, talent and most of all their teamwork led them to a victory of 24-21 over the Pittsburg Steelers.

This was the first of an eight-game series that will see the Buffalo Bills at the Rogers Centre in Toronto for a total of three pre-season games and five regular-season games.  Without a great deal of teamwork behind the scenes, this first time ever event could not possibly have come to fruition.

Wikipedia’s description of teamwork seems appropriate to note; “Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively, such as a football team. Projects often require that people work together to accomplish a common goal; therefore, teamwork is an important factor in most organizations.  Effective collaborative skills are necessary to work well in a team environment.”

Congratulations to the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburg Steelers and their teamwork, which resulted in a great game for the fans in Toronto and also to those who worked as a team behind the scenes to make it all happen!


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