Changing Industries and Trends

Changing industries and trends are a critical factor in managing any career or business, noted in Where Are The Jobs? and Top Factors Influencing Career Advancement. We are reminded every day of the economic and social implications associated with technological advancements, an aging demographic, reduced birthrates, environmental challenges and organizational trends. Perhaps it is the constant flow of data along with the dramatic statistics that softens the response to one of complacency. The facts may not induce a stir but you may find the impact of changing industries and trends astonishingly evident in the following poem written by a resident of Arnprior, Ontario:

Requiem for a Railway

Nameless migrant horde

Toiling on through rock and plain

Fleshing out a dream


Slender winding thread

Shining steel from shore to shore

Forged our nation’s bond


Sturdy peasant stock

Coonskin coat with hope held high

Sett’lin in the West


Miles and miles of cars!

Prairie wheat and hard-rock ore

Country’s live blood flow


Trouble flames afar

Fresh-faced youth now khaki clad

Answer freedom’s call


Family holiday!

Mom and Dad with kids in tow

Trav’lin’ on the train


Silent rusting rails

Rotting ties and weed-choked beds

Once proud era ends


~Edward Graham


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