Korn/Ferry International Executive Recruiter Index

Statistics fascinate me: you can slice them, you can dice them, but when they come from one of the world’s premier International Executive Search providers one has to take a harder look.

In Korn/Ferry’s recently released International Executive Recruiter index the following questions were asked to 198 international recruiters with some interesting results:
Generally speaking, what is the best time of year for a job seeker to look for a new position?

    The first of the year 41%
    Spring 32%
    Fall 22%
    Summer 3%
    Holiday season 2%

Rank the following forms of networking, in order of how effective they are for job seekers (with “1” being the most effective and “7” being the least effective)

    Regular social interactions 1
    Membership in business/trade associations 2
    Attendance at conferences and seminars 3
    Alumni organizations 4
    Direct Mail 5
    Online networks and communities 6
    Involvement with non-profit organizations 7

What is the best way to get an executive recruiter’s attention?

    Work for a highly-regarded company 36%
    Proactively develop relationships with recruiters
    In your region/industry 29%
    Be the highest performer in your department/function 20%
    Personal Branding 11%
    Take on high-profile, risky assignments 2%
    Acquire international experience 2%

When comparing finalists for an executive position, what gives one candidate the biggest “edge”?

    Cultural fit 42%
    Character/personality 32%
    Work experience 17%
    Growth potential 8%
    Educational background 1%

As a professional who interacts with clients at the senior executive level, these figures do not surprise me. In fact, they emphasize the job search strategies and techniques I have been saying to my clients for a long time.


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