Career Tips 56

Deliver a powerful message to the Hiring Manager

Today’s topic is deliver a powerful, a powerful message to the hiring manager.

First impressions count, right? You make impressions based in a few split seconds. The more times your name is before an HR manager, the more you will be remembered. So when you apply via job board or via a corporate website, If you really want that job, and that is a very, very high profile job, you’re really excited, you’re really engaged.

You want that job, take it the step further. You need to FedEx or U P s courier your resume flat. Don’t fold it flat in one of their colored, multicolored envelopes, and send it to the hiring manager once you found out his or her name. I can tell you that strategy works. It’s worked for many, many of my clients and has got them the interview and then the job.


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