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You are the champion and owner of your career

Look at where we are in the world right now, in the last say six or eight weeks thousand upon thousands have been laid especially from the technology sector.
Most of them 90%, probably, totally caught by surprise. Those were employees. I bet they are not managing their career. Well they shouldn’t be because they never know when they’re going to be let go. And then they’re left in the lurch. They have no career plan.

So too many people fail and professionals learning professionals fail to understand the value of career management each year no doubt. You give some money to your financial advisor to invest in various portfolios and whatever.

If you manage your career statistics tell us that you can put more money to give more money to your financial advisor. And what are the rewards there you’ll have a greater retirement fund, you will be able to really retire a lot earlier getting far more happier.

So there’s a lot of benefits to good career management.

Too many people fail to understand that they manage their career, not the employer. They thought a lot of them thought that their company manage their career. No they don’t. You are in charge of your career. So take charge right now. You can be terminated at any time. You’re expendable. You can be let loose tomorrow morning. Thursday morning, Friday morning. Next week, next month, and later on in the year.

I’m being very realistic here. You are just $1 sign of their financial statements. And when times get tough or they need to change or they need to scale back or they’re going in a different direction. What are they going to do? They’re going to cut costs, who is the most expensive costs, the staff, the people that manage their career that manage the business?

So you need to be aware that at any time, any time you can be let loose, terminated is quite common. If we get towards what people call in the big R word the recession, there will be thousands upon thousands of layoffs. I’ve been through managing people’s and advancing their careers, been through three recessions. And it’s a pretty sad time.

People still haven’t gotten the message that they need to manage their career.

Do you have a career plan? Do you know where you want to be in two to three years, hopefully without layoffs, if you are laid off or terminated and or whatever you wanted to call it downsize. You are ready at a moment’s notice to get back on the highway in the job search mode and be ready and faster.

To get back into that job because every day you are in career transition. Every day is money you have lost.

So if you don’t manage your career, are you going to now after listening to this. Have I altered your mindset? Hopefully, I have because you need to be in charge of your career.

Those who have managed to have your their career are in transition a lot less time. And they are generally happier. I’ve seen happy people who know where they want to go and who have a plan. And if that dreaded downsizing comes they are ready. They are ready at a moment’s notice to drop the hat and get into the job search ring so you can earn more if you manage your career. You can earn more and then you can retire earlier. So does that sound good?

You are a product and your product is very valuable right now.

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