More Connections and More Opportunities

There is a good chance that you will connect with one person and gain something from that person or have the opportunity to provide them with something. What is something? A lead to a new job? An introduction to someone you may spend the rest of your life with? An opportunity to relocate to a dream location? A new hobby? Advice that results in an exciting new career direction? Every time you connect to one person, it is an opportunity to give and to receive. Imagine increasing one opportunity to millions of opportunities! Today, it’s not only possible, it’s easy and it’s free! Over 500 million people are connecting on Facebook, over 200 million on Twitter and over 100 million on Linkedin. There are thousands of social media sites that offer the ability to create your profile for free and connect to millions of other people.

Although social media provides the optimal resource for networking, establishing an authentic connection with others should be an integral part of every day whether it involves attending professional networking meetings, social events or engaging another while riding on an elevator. More connections result in more opportunities to give or to receive. Networking or connecting with the right person has resulted in the success of many. YouTube is without a doubt the place to be discovered but would Bieber be the success he is today if he hadn’t been introduced to Usher? And would Usher be as popular today without Bieber? Why Some People Have All The Luck (And How to Become One of Them) by Lateral Action is all about creating connections that lead to opportunities. Call it luck if you like but without networking, your luck will most certainly disappear.

Utilize social media, network at professional meetings or socialize at family events for more connections and more opportunities.  RockMelt is a great resource to bring it all together and shows the ease of obtaining results and generating opportunities by connecting with others. Be found and find others to discover a world of opportunities!


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