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Resume Keywords – Video

Here’s how it works. You see a job, you send in your resume. The decision maker reads it. It resonates and they call you in for an interview. Right?

Wrong. The reality is the first thing that sees your resume is a computer scanner, known as ATS. An ATS is scanning for keywords, or buzz words, to decide if your resume moves forward. These buzz words are your functional level and industry specific words. They are what a decision maker expects to see when searching for talent.

Resume Keywords - VideoHaving the right buzz words will boost your resume’s chances of being chosen by the scanning machinery and passed on for human eyes.

Each level, each industry, and each person needs a customized, comprehensive, table of buzz words in their resume. Without these words, your resume will be hidden away in a database for infinitum.

It’s essential that you have a buzz word filled skill section on your LinkedIn profile. Without a skill section, your profile will not populate in a LinkedIn talent search. Do you know the buzz words applicable to you? If you don’t, visit my website and download a free eBook containing buzz words used in 22 different industries.

Another valuable resource for buzz words are industry and professional associations. You can also try job postings or take a look at a LinkedIn profiles of others with a similar job title or profession.

With some research, the right buzz words will sharpen your competitive edge and increase your chances of going to the next step. The interview.


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