Show your love in the job interview!

Experience, education, job history and your willingness to relocate could easily be influencing factors in a job interview but are you aware of how influential body language, confidence and enthusiasm are? A recent survey of hiring managers found 68% less likely to hire a candidate who failed to make eye contact. The lack of a smile, bad posture, fidgeting, crossed arms and a weak handshake were also listed as significant faux pas in a job interview.

In order to sell yourself as the ideal candidate, show your love! A job interview should not be entered into with an insecure or indecisive mindset. Prepare yourself well and if you need assistance consult with a Certified Job Search Trainer. With confidence and enthusiasm you will have a positive influence on the interviewer and the potential to extend a firmer handshake and assume a comfortable demeanour that will ensure you maintain eye contact, avoid crossing your arms and share more than enough smiles! A firm handshake, a smile and a current and professional appearance will establish a positive and lasting impression.

In today’s competitive job market, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself in a position as the only potential candidate for a job. If it should come down to two potential candidates with equal qualifications the final decision could be as simple as selecting the candidate showing the greatest amount of interest. David Perry, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International Inc. provides an excellent account in, I LOVE YOU TOO: How to close the interview and get the job offer.

“…it is the impression you leave with the interviewer which will be influenced by your appearance, demeanour and level of confidence that will most strongly impact the success of your job interview.”, excerpt from 10 Tips – Get Ready to Get Interviewed.


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