Twitter is…

Twitter is...

    …informative, interesting, newsworthy, user-friendly, uncomplicated, inspiring, fun, professional, social, influential, real-time, networking, marketing, mobile, private tweets, public tweets, retweets 

    And Twitter is:

  • 140 character tweets providing links to anything

  • CNN Breaking News and The New York Times tweeting for over 5 million followers 

  • Searching #hashtags for relevant feedback

  • Immediate, non-invasive feedback from large audiences to live presenters

  • Communication for virtual events

  • A job search tool

  • Companies engaging their customers

  • Speakers engaging their audience

  • Validated sites, sounds, info, news and more

  • 100 million users

  • over 600 tweets per second

  • 30% over $100,000 in household income

  • 45% over 18 yrs of age

  • 24% over 35 yrs of age

  • 14% over 50 yrs of age

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