Spam – Don’t Ignore it!

Who is responsible for spam and computer viruses? Is it advertisers initiating mass mailings to sell their products? Is it simply someone hacking your account just to see if they can? Or is it associated with the antivirus software business? Regardless of why we must continue to fight against SPAM, the message here is “Don’t ignore it!” Maintaining your reputation is key to the success of your career and ignoring a potential problem could easily result in generating a damaging impression.

  • Most people receiving spam email from your email address will assume you sent it. Unless you want them to think you are selling drugs or sex, advise potential recipients of the problem.
  • An email that contains one single link and nothing more should never be opened unless you were previously advised by the sender to expect it.
  • Any emails that advise you are the beneficiary of money are SPAM! Any emails that ask you to send money are SPAM! That goes for phone calls too unless it’s your children calling.
  • An email that seems to request too much personal information or any financial data is SPAM.

You have an opportunity and an obligation to report SPAM or rid your computer of viruses to protect others and to maintain your reputation. If you are unsure of what to do, contact your email server, change your password, contact a computer expert or simply google information to gain an understanding of the problem and the appropriate steps to follow.

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