Don’t Lie About Your Age To Get A Job

As a matter of fact, don’t lie about anything to get a job, including your age! Time after time a conscious decision is made to submit a resume that does not contain the dates for educational accreditation’s. Think about this very carefully. If someone is hiding something it is natural to believe there is a significant reason for it. In reality it backfires every time because the decision to hide the dates on your resume gives the impression you are even older and rather than knowing you were born in the 60’s, will assume you were born in the 50’s! Omitting any pertinent information is not recommended but even worse is to lie about your age to get a job.

Over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals are utilizing social media and checking you out online. If you made a decision to lie about your graduating year on your resume, did you also lie about it on your Facebook profile? What did you put in your Linkedin profile? If the lack of a consistent brand can tarnish a reputation it is obvious the damage that could be done by creating online profiles with contrasting information. Being caught in a lie is a sure fire way to eliminate you as a potential candidate.

Transparency is the sign of the times! A professional resume, an established brand, a visible online presence, testimonials and recommendations from employers and colleagues are all necessary if you want to excel in an executive career. Don’t lie and do not omit dates or employment history. If it was necessary to spend a year caring for a loved one on a full time basis, add it to your resume and list your accomplishments during that time frame.

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