DO NOT Use a Microsoft Word Resume Template!!

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, this is definitely my most major peeve!  Not only does it appear that Microsoft did little research in creating their resume template, they have also never felt the need to update it either!  A viable, highly employable, potential employee will be eliminated from further consideration simply by choosing this template. “I am seeking a challenging position as a Project Manager where I can utilize all my skills and learn new skills.” This is a dreadful, unintelligent and outdated way of introducing yourself on a resume!  But this is the verbiage that is highly apparent in the templates downloaded from Microsoft, otherwise known in some recruiting and human resource circles as, the “Bill Gates” resume.  This style wouldn’t even sell Bill Gates!

A resume is created to sell you and entice the reader.  To accomplish this, you must stand out from the others!  Provide details of your accomplishments, what you have to offer and how how you will aid in the success of the company.  You must be unique and you can be assured that a “Bill Gates resume” will not provide you with an opportunity for an interview.

Please check the sample resumes available for your review.

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