Stacking the Deck with Referrals

Stacking the Deck with Referrals

A recent article suggested that you can increase your odds of being hired with a simple referral. Their figures quote that you are FOURTEEN times more likely to be hired for a position if you apply with a referral. That’s a pretty persuasive argument for networking!

By making connections during networking events, during your course of business at work, and spontaneously, you stack the deck in your favour during your next job search.

Stacking the Deck with ReferralsYes, it takes some maintenance. You need to regularly reach out to your network contacts, to stay visible and memorable. Offer something of value, an industry insight, information about a job they might be interested in, interesting news pertaining to their job, anything that might interest them. Ask for advice in return, setting up a relationship that works both ways.

Then, when it comes time to search for a new job, or you hear of a position opening up in their organization, ask if your contact feels comfortable recommending you for the job. Hiring influencers would rather choose a known candidate than an unknown.

Stack your job search deck with network connections which could lead to referrals for your next dream job. Grow your network with new connections, cultivate that network carefully, and then use it to increase your odds of getting hired!

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