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Top Strategies For Your Job Search In 2021

My name Martin Buckland, I manage the careers of senior executives and today’s blog is entitled: Dynamic performance-driven CV resume: can you execute a job search? 

Consider that job search is an art because you need to learn how to execute an efficient job search. Most jobs remain unseen, in fact, in the United Kingdom, only 29% of jobs can be found online or are advertised. The question is: where are the rest of the jobs? 

If you are at a senior level, and that’s only about 12%, you can find them with executive recruiters. The rest of the jobs are hidden, and you need to explore to find them, but first, you need to target your product. 

The moment you start looking for a job you become a product, and you need to learn how to market yourself with the recruiters. Think about it like creating a marketing strategy for yourself. 

Once you’ve set your strategy the next step is to make a list of the companies you want to go work for, to define your target companies. Remember, there are lots of companies waiting for you to market yourself to them right now. 

Also, you need to explore the corporate culture of the companies on your list. This is essential because, as a professional, you don’t want to work for a company with a bad corporate culture where there is a toxic environment, arguments, or where they don’t care about their employees. 

When you market yourself, you must seek a great atmosphere because probably you’ll spend a great part of your life working in your career. 

Now, how do you find out about corporate culture? This can be considered the second art on a job search. Different tools will help you to get to know the companies on your list. LinkedIn, for example, makes it reasonably easy for people to find out about the corporate culture. 

You can understand the corporate culture by connecting with people at your target companies. If you want to work for ABC Companies a smart move to make would be to connect with the person that will be your boss or your boss’s boss, and network with him or her.

You also need to network with other people within that company, and I’ll give you a great trick: if you want to find out everything about that company connect with people who’ve left that company in the past few years because they have no allegiance to that company and they can explain with honesty their perceptions of the culture and the work environment. 

They can tell the good and the bad things about that company from a different perspective and that’s a good opportunity for you. Remember: learning about corporate culture will help you define and narrow your search, and it will also help you in your interview process. 

Be prepared. An interview is a meeting with the minds with whom you can discuss the corporate culture. An interview is a conversation between two parties, but you need to click with that person and to do so you need to click with the company’s culture. 

Before looking for an interview ask yourself: do you click with the corporate culture? Do you visualize yourself in that company? Do your values align with the values of the company?

Always seek the corporate culture using online platforms and people related to it. It’s a great asset that will make you understand the corporate culture before you get there. 

My mission for you today is simple: go and look for the corporate culture in your target companies. Companies are waiting for you right now. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the concept is the same everywhere.

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