Fb AER Dont believe these 8 job search myths

Don’t believe these 8 job search myths!

My name is Martin Buckland, I am an expert in job search and I’m here to help you in your job-search process. This blog is entitled: Eight jobs search myths.

The truth is nobody likes job searching. Here are eight myths that will help you on your way to getting gainfully employed.

Myth number one: old jobs are found online. Never believe that.

Myth number two: you don’t need a cover letter. 

Yes, of course, you need a cover letter written in the personal pronoun. A cover letter takes you from today forward. 

Myth number three: you will hear instantly back from an application online. 

That’s a load of baloney! Sometimes it can take eight or even ten weeks for you to hear back from your interview. Yes, this might be very frustrating, but that’s part of the process and you must live with it. Patience is key.

Myth number four: you should network with HR professionals. 

That’s false. HR generally doesn’t decide to hire. They only hire after the interview as a result of an online application or an application in a newspaper or through their website. The people who usually hire will be the one that becomes your boss or your boss’s boss. 

Myth number five: The best time to network with decision-makers is when you’re in career transition. 

That’s not true either. You need to network even when you’re gainfully employed, never disappear or miss an opportunity. A complete myth!

Myth number six: you will receive an interview for every job you apply for. 

That’s the ideal scenario. We wish! That would be the icing on the cake, but the truth is you don’t receive an interview for every job you apply for. In this process, you’re in a race and there is only a trophy for number one. Talent hunters select the top 10 of the applicants to be interviewed. There may be 2000 people who apply for that particular job, so don’t expect a reply every time.  

Myth number seven: you don’t need references today. 

False. You should always have references from past jobs. If a recruiter or an HR professional calls you today asking for your resume and they want to expedite the job search, which they can do, you need to have individuals primed and ready to give an outstanding reference about what a great person you are. This process may take weeks, but it can also take a few hours or a few days, so be ready.

Myth number eight: a resume isn’t needed today. 

As a resume writer, every time I hear this myth, I get frustrated because it’s completely false. You should always have an up-to-date resume ready to send to a decision-maker within hours. Is your resume up to date? If not, I highly recommend you update it right now. 

I hope these eight myths on job recruitment have helped you untangle like-job-search confusion. Misinformation of this kind can take opportunities away from you! 

My name is Martin Buckland, I am an expert in job search, and I can help you with your process. If you found this useful go to my website, www.aneliteresume.com and I’ll be glad to help you with your job search and eradicate all those myths. 


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