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December is approaching. Great time to network!

December is approaching. Great time to network

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the significance of December as a prime time for networking during the holiday season. The Importance of Networking: The holiday season, regardless of your faith, is a time for celebrations and gatherings. Networking is the key to executive career management. Building and maintaining relationships is crucial, even when employed, […]

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LinkedIn Tip

LinkedIn Tip

Today we’re going to talk about one very vital LinkedIn tip: connect only with professionals in your audience that will bring you career or business value. Network with industry leaders, executive recruiters, your peers, professionals in your industry, and ex-colleagues and alumni. Don’t wander from that particular audience; stay within that audience. It’s very—it’s the

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Networking is too time consuming

Networking is too time consuming 1

Today, we’re delving into a critical subject – the time-consuming nature of networking. The Importance of Networking Networking is a crucial aspect of your job search and career management, and it demands your dedication. Unfortunately, I often hear people express their concerns about the time investment required for networking. In this article, we’ll explore why

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A Handshake Tip

A Handshake Tip

Today’s topic is a handshake tip. A bad habit: a limp grasp or an overbearing grasp – overpowering grasp.Never-ending hold suggests aggression and provokes awkwardness. A good habit: a good handshake is firm yet gentle and matches the grip of the person on the other side. Pressure and timely release suggest confidence and professionalism.

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Treat LinkedIn Invites Like Mini Cover Letters

Treat LinkedIn Invites Like Mini Cover Letters

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking and career advancement. One of the key features of LinkedIn is the ability to send and receive connection invites. While some may see these invites as simple friend requests, it’s important to approach them with the same level of professionalism as a cover letter. In this video,

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4 Key Pointers to Elevate your Linkedin Profile

4 Key Pointers to Elevate your Linkedin Profile

Are you looking to boost your professional presence and enhance your career opportunities? In this blog post, we’ll explore four key pointers to help you elevate your LinkedIn profile and maximize your chances of success. Let’s dive in! 1. Fully Complete Your Profile Your LinkedIn profile serves as an online representation of your professional identity.

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Thank You and Best Wishes

Another year is coming to a close and we would like to take this time to thank so many clients, associates, colleagues, new acquaintances and old. The very best of wishes are being sent your way for a wonderful holiday season and a very prosperous career! Please visit our blog and subscribe to our blog posts covering a variety of topics and

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Online Networking

Are you one of the 10 million active subscribers on Twitter? Or maybe you are one of the 266 million currently using Facebook? Perhaps you are one of the 47 millionactive users on Linkedin? These and other online networking sites continue to attract users at a phenominal rate. LinkedIn members increased by 143% in one year and you can be assured that

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Social Media Status

Who do you know? Who do they know? Who knows you? If you have invested the time to utilize the vast number of social media resources available today, you may find the answers to these questions quite remarkable, even extraordinary. The opportunity to create an extremely valuable and influential network of people to establish your “social media status” has never been

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LinkedIn Address

If you have a professional career or are looking for one, chances are you have a LinkedIn profile.  When you created your profile you also generated a URL address that consisted of numbers and dashes, www.linkedin.com/in/m-buckland-749/729/75. You have the opportunity to maintain this address to consist solely of your name instead of the numbers and dashes that were automatically

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Toronto ExecuNet Speaker, David Perry

We are pleased to have David Perry speaking at the Toronto ExecuNet Meeting on September 23, 2009.         David Perry is a renowned author, speaker, recruiter, husband and father! Named the “rogue recruiter” by the Wall Street Journal, David is managing partner of Perry-Martel International. It will be close to a year since David Perry last

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Professional Recommendations

Have you been active in securing professional recommendations from your boss, peers, coworkers, associates, clients, etc? Acquiring recommendations is an ongoing process, one which should be a consideration at every opportunity whether you are in a career search or secure in your current position. Networking is the most successful tool in any job search so it is critical to

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