Screenshot 2021 03 31 Where To Find Your Next Job in 2021

Where To Find Your Next Job in 2021

I have a question for you. Assume you are in a job search mode, where do you think your next job is going to come from?

I’ll give you three choices.

  • Do you think it’s going to come from an online job board or print media, an advertised job in other words?
  • Do you think it’s going to come from networking, you meeting people?
  • Do you think it is going to come through an executive recruiter?

Most people will tell you that they’re going to get it through a job board. And they are wrong. Most people waste thousands and thousands of hours on job boards. For very little return.

You need to network. Networking can bring you the highest value, reduce your job, search time dramatically. How do you network? Use Use your professional associations, use your ex-employees and acquaintances, your ex-bosses, connect with people on LinkedIn and ask them if they are willing to network you into a company.

That’s the way your next job is going to come. Yes, executive recruiters can play a role in your recruitment, but not a huge role. In the Western world, it varies according to the country you live in, but generally networking accounts for about 60% to about 80% of the jobs that are available. Generating leads for you to find your next challenge. Do you network? You need to practice networking. It is very important. I, myself, I’m regarded as a fierce networker. Wherever I travel, I try to network with new people. Every time I go to different groups, I network with executive recruiters. I network with key influencers who can bring value to my clients across the world.

My name is Martin Buckland, as well as a fierce networker, I’m also an executive career management practitioner. I manage the careers of senior executives and those who aspire to be business leaders.

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