Should You Use Colour On Your Resume

Should You Use Colour On Your Resume?

Can you use colour on your resume?

Today’s topic is can you use color on your resume? Yes, you can, but like everything, in moderation. Don’t create your resume in full colour. Use it strategically. Colour or bolding is created to emphasize something.

Stay with one color throughout your resume. Choose a colour that represents you – your brand colour. Use it on the name and perhaps on section headings in bold. And remember, you need to emphasize the title of your position, not your company. You’re not selling your company.

Just one extra tip. Select a single font, and never use Times New Roman, that is a very, very dated font for those that are my age. Remember the days of the typewriter? So, stay away from Times New Roman, but also don’t use a flowery font with lots of squiggles and wiggles. Use common fonts like Arial and Calibri. They are available in a word processor today.

So yes, you can use color, but use it conservatively. Same with bold and same with italics.

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