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Do You Put Dates On Your Resume CV Writing Tips!

The question today is do you put dates on a resume?

There are many different opinions on this, but let me give you my professional opinion right now, after working with people, writing their resumes for 26 years, it varies. There’s nothing written in stone. We are in the COVID recession, where there is plenty of available talent. In fact, there’s so much competition out there. It is a really competitive environment, whereas only seven or eight months ago, there was a talent shortage.

Remember a resume, they’re looking for red flags when they look down their resume from top to bottom, a red flag can be depending on the interpretation of how they view your age, they can say, Oh, this person is too old. I know it’s a load of baloney because you if you are over 50, can bring wealth, a wealth of talent that somebody age 25 or 30 cannot bring to the table. But unfortunately, we do discriminate.

If you have dates on your resume, going all the way back, that can count you out. So before the recession, I was writing dates going all the way back, but now I’m very careful. I’ve adapted my resume, writing style and process to cater to my clients, but also to cater to the economy because my number one goal, I am employed by my client to get them the maximum impact.

I’m employed by them to get them lots of interviews, because bear in mind a resume, doesn’t get you a job. It gets you in the door for an interview, whether it be by zoom or other virtual communication tools or an in-person interview.

When I write resumes and I don’t call myself a resume writer anymore, I call myself a storyteller.

So I’m telling stories about my client’s accomplishments based on the star technique, stall situation, task action result. I start to taper off when I get to about 15, 18 or 20 years. Now, there are exceptions to the rule talking about accomplishments. If you made your employer a gazillion dollars or you save the world, then yeah, that’s a great story to tell. Doesn’t matter how long ago that was. You need to tell that story, but be careful start to tape her off after about 15 to 20 years and then dates start to drop off.

But one good thing. One interesting thing. This really intrigues me the mindset of youngsters today. They have been told or set in their mind that they’re getting too old. When they’re 30, you’re still a spring chicken. You still have a lot to offer. If you are anywhere below, say 45 or 47, 48, you have nothing to hide. Be proud of your age.

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