Fb I Am Struggling With my Job Search Help

I Am Struggling With my Job Search! HELP!

So today’s topic is I am frustrated in my job search!


As an executive career management practitioner, people engage me to help them transition through this difficult period in their life. I know it’s very, very difficult.

 You need to have a champion. Somebody who can be there with you, nurture coach guide you. So they’re all people like me and they’re all friends and acquaintances.

You can just pick up the phone and give a call and tell them I’m having a bad day. I need some help. I need to be pumped up. Once you enter a job search, you need to treat it as a full-time job. I would say, a minimum of eight hours. Those who treat it as a part-time job, maybe doing an hour or two or even four a day, it can be even more frustrating because you’re going to length from that. But you won’t get the rewards.

The more effort you put into it, the more rewards will come your way.

So if you’ve got family or other distractions in your house, lock yourself away and treat it as a full time appointment. So you might like to look after a couple of three months at broadening your strategies. That’s very important.

Initially, you should be very targeted. You should be like a bullseye, but if that doesn’t work, then you need to broaden that bulls-eye and look around for other things in a recession. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to take a step down because of this recession.

As a career management practitioner, I know the COVID recession is going to be written into resumes for the next 15 to 20 years. Last year, I write a resume talking about Y2K. Well, that was 20 years ago. And then there was 9/11. And then there was the 2008, 2009 recession. Well, those are some of those are still in resumes because there was a challenge to every single one of those. How did you conquer? How did you combat the recession in your business?

We are in a goal-oriented society. So I would suggest you make goals.

What are you going to achieve today? What are you going to achieve next week? What are you going to achieve by the months end and then set your path to achieve them? I know you will, when there is a job for you, there is a job for everybody in some shape or form. Don’t just take a really low job just for the sake of it. Try and take something laterally or maybe one step down.

Keep your motivation up!

Keep your spirits high, have your tribe, your friends, your family, a coach like me to keep you accountable, to help you to take those lows and make them highs. Day in, day out. I can tell you everybody whose watching this video, you will get back to work. If you have the right mindset, the right skill set, the right resume and the right LinkedIn profile, be active, be proactive, go out and get it because it is therefore your taking.

If you are in career transition and you need any guidance or coaching or just advice, I am here for you, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you. Please visit me on LinkedIn and connect with me on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. I am Martin Buckland and I’m an Executive Career Management Professional. I manage and advance the careers of senior executives across the world.

Please enter your contact information in the box below to contact me or email me in the message section on LinkedIn. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s chat. I am here for you.

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