Networking and Your Career

Are you actively networking?  If not, you are in the minority.  You are likely missing out on opportunities for advancement in your current career and if you are searching for a job, you are facing a much greater struggle than necessary.

Recruiters list networking as one of their most effective means of finding senior managers and more than two-thirds of executives listed networking as their best method of finding jobs.  The percentage of managers planning to leave their positions within the next six months is astounding and of course there are those that will be caught in the world of corporate downsizing or restructuring, all of whom will be entering into the job search market.  While they may not look for work on job boards or in newspapers, you can bet the smart ones are nurturing their networks.

Start out by simply making a list of anyone and everyone whom you think could be helpful in offering you contacts and/or advice and then expand your contacts through networking.  Attend professional networking meetings such as ExecuNet.  And there is no shortage of the number of available networking sites such as LinkedIn, Naymz and Ziggs.  As our world of networking continues to evolve, our networks are becoming less about who we know, than who the people we know, know!


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