Employees Looking for Work/Life Balance

According to a recent Survey published by Monster, 89% of respondents look for work/life balance programs when evaluating a new job.  Only half of the HR professionals agreed on the importance, which is probably why only 29% of employees who participated in the online survey rated their company’s work/life balance programs as good or excellent.

The 2008 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report compiled by ExecuNet also contains some interesting information regarding job satisfaction.  40% of employed executives are not satisfied with their jobs.  Although boredom and a lack of advancement were the most cited reasons, work/life imbalance was also a key reason why they leave companies.  Dave Opton, ExecuNet CEO and founder said, “We see this year after year – money will motivate people to come on board, but it can’t make them stick.”

Salary.com reported in their third annual 2007/08 Employee Satisfaction and Retention Survey that the top reasons employees stay at their jobs was not an attractive compensation but relationships with co-workers.  Included in the top five reasons were relationships with managers, benefits and desirable working hours.

Employment surveys and statistics are available in abundance and yet with the wealth of information available we continue to see surprising disparities between how employers and employees perceive job satisfaction.

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