Networking and Your Twitter Bio is being described as “micro blogging” – a cross between instant messaging and blogging – because you’re allowed only 140 characters.  We all understand the importance of Networking when searching for a job and Twitter is one more tool that is available.  Kevin Donlin recently wrote, “How to Get Found By Recruiters” by using Twitter.  Getting noticed by recruiters could be as simple as searching on Twitter for “technical recruiter” or “management recruiter” and then deciding whose postings you would like to follow.

Focus on learning about the recruiter and what they are looking for and at the same time be sure you have created an appropriate Twitter Bio for those who are interested in learning more about you.  Include search words that a recruiter would use when looking for a job candidate such as, Sales Engineer, Network Administrator or Human Resource Manager.  Be specific about the job you are after and post accordingly.

Tavis Hudson, a recruiter at Technical Resources said, “I’ve met more than 20 candidates in person after first developing a relationship with them on Twitter, and one of them is interviewing right now for a software-related position.”

So, go to work on your Twitter Bio and follow those recruiters.  You may just find the recruiter who will get you hired, or maybe, just maybe, they will find you!

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