Company Perks

Companies are offering more and more “perks” in an effort to retain and attract employees.  Beer Friday, a massage two times a week and a games room!  According to an article in the Seattle Times, the employees at F5 enjoy a variety of team-building activities and company perks all contributing to a happy workforce.

Here are a number of other company perks as listed by The Career Revolution:

Scuba diving lessons – Chesapeake Energy Corporation
5 weeks off in year 1 of employment – KPMG
$1,000 toward the purchase of a hybrid or electric car – Google
On-site dry cleaning, postal services, and free grocery delivery – Microsoft
Alternative mode of transport and get a $4 daily credit – Genetech
Prayer and meditation rooms – eBay
Free ipod shuffle – PricewaterhouseCoopers

As a job seeker you are aware of what you can offer a potential employer but do you know what they have to offer you?


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